Stigmatising the unemployed

As I’ve written in earlier posts, the Tories stigmatised lone mothers in the 1990s, blaming them for the economy and portraying them as irresponsible, undeserving benefit cheats. Right now, they’re doing the exact same thing to people who are claiming state benefits – despite the fact that 93% of Housing Benefit claimants are in workingContinue reading “Stigmatising the unemployed”

The sexual double standard and gender repression

A double standard about sex exists in our society; the rules are different for men and women, with men being praised and envied for their successes. The same is of course true to a certain degree for women, but too much sexual success can result in condemnation of the woman as a ‘slut’ ‘whore’ etc;Continue reading “The sexual double standard and gender repression”

Stigma against single mums: How it all began

How did lone motherhood and young motherhood come to be demonised? Well, I got curious about two years ago and headed to my university library to find out. After months of research, I knew more than I wanted to know. I decided to summarise everything into a blog post, and here is my expose onContinue reading “Stigma against single mums: How it all began”

Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?

Andrea’s husband had been having affairs for years but promised to reform once they had a baby (Rowlingson and Mackay 1998:79) . After seven years of trying Andrea finally got pregnant but her husband continued with his many affairs so she told him to leave six weeks before the baby was due, thus becoming aContinue reading “Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?”

Drunk sluts get raped: Police and internet commenters in consensus

West Mercia police apologised for their video and poster campaign which urged women not to drink too much on nights out in order to not “leave yourself vulnerable to regretful sex or even rape.” The force also released a video featuring a female rape victim. During the video the victim says she wishes to makeContinue reading “Drunk sluts get raped: Police and internet commenters in consensus”

Equal marriage debate: Family choice targeted over other values

There is a tendency to assume that family and sexual choices are in a different category than, or not as important as, other freedoms – especially when religion is the opponent. We take it for granted that the Catholic Church and other religious institutions are against equal marriage, and that they somehow have a “right” toContinue reading “Equal marriage debate: Family choice targeted over other values”

Teenage pregnancy isn’t real

Ever since we humans evolved, we have been reproducing. As society developed, diverse tribal customs grew up surrounding sex, reproduction and marriage, enforced by tribal laws. More complex societies enforced an age of consent through laws enforced by the state. We need laws to protect younger people from adult exploitation and enable them to explore their sexualityContinue reading “Teenage pregnancy isn’t real”

Freedom – but only if it’s hushed up: Swingers’ orgy cancelled by Edinburgh hotel

According to the Daily Record, the Carlton Hotel on Northbridge, central Edinburgh, cancelled a swingers’ orgy when management realised it wasn’t just a masked ball. Now, I am doubtful if indeed it was an orgy and not any other type of social event, but whether or not it was true or not is irrelevant. The fact is,Continue reading “Freedom – but only if it’s hushed up: Swingers’ orgy cancelled by Edinburgh hotel”

Educational psychologist’s negligence wrongly sends boy to ‘special school’

Surprising as it may sound, the employees of the state that potentially could most affect your lives, freedoms and privacy are teachers…and why? Because, in state schools at least, teachers are usually the people who will refer you or your children to psychologists and Social Services. So far, so good – great, actually, for theContinue reading “Educational psychologist’s negligence wrongly sends boy to ‘special school’”

The right to privacy and freedom of the press: where is the line?

I have been planning this post for a while, and the aftermath of Gawker’s outing of a Reddit user for posting photos of clothed underaged girls seems as good a time as any to make this. Lately, teens have been having their identities plastered all over the news for making offensive jokes. Firstly, reporters, merelyContinue reading “The right to privacy and freedom of the press: where is the line?”