5 Reasons Why The Ancient Alien Theory Is Not A Convincing Theory

God knows which category this post is going to go in, but I thought I’d try something different today.

South Park once mocked the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series in an episode abiut Thanksgiving, and I can see why. Now there is a new series, and this blog deals with material from both series.

Now I’m all about being open minded and I’m not saying aliens have never contacted us, because I don’t know. I’m just not convinced by the theory itself and the way it is being presented by the History Channel. So, while I offer criticism or critique of the ancient alien theory, this shouldn’t be taken as a refutation of the possibility that aliens contacted us, but only a criticism of the way it is being argued.

1. The premise and indeed entire argument of the ancient aliens theory seems to be “we don’t know how this structure was built, therefore aliens did it”. This is too simplistic and too much of a leap. Just because we haven’t yet figured out how they were built doesn’t mean we never will. Everyone thought crystal skulls were impossible to make but now we know they were all made in the 19th century, probably in Europe or America (and possess no powers or mysteries). We learn more and more about how Stonehenge was built and why.

And our surprise at how our ancestors could have built things without technology is no more remarkable than our future great grandchildren’s surprise at how anyone could have researched anything without Google (or whatever people are using to research by then). Or indeed our present inability to function without electricity when people in other regions of the globe live very well without electricity.


The ancient alien theory offers no evidence or proof except “how else could people have built this stuff?”. This is unscientific.

2. The ancient aliens theory is just religion but with the word “alien” in place of “God/the Gods”. By presupposing that aliens are responsible for civilizing us, guiding us and looking after us, and that anything which can’t be explained was created by them or with their technology, the aliens take God’s place. The belief that the aliens may one day return to us or that they left codes or structures behind to tell future generations (us) that they were here is also reminiscent of folk heroes and religious scriptures.

3. The ancient alien theory replaces a simple and more likely theory (for example that the pyramids were built by the local inhabitants) with a far more complex and unlikely theory (that they were built by aliens, or by humans using alien technology). One of the rules of good science is that one must always believe the simpler explanation until there is evidence to the contrary.

4. The ancient alien theory asks us to believe too much stuff. By depending upon so many necessary premises, without which the whole theory crumbles, it is a bad theory (and also an unlikely one, because a lot of things must be true for it to be a viable theory). For the ancient alien theory to be true, we must take as fact:

That aliens exist

They are more technologically advanced

They contacted us

They were friendly

They didn’t just contact us and leave, but stayed for a very extended period of time

They shared their knowledge with us and guided us

Stonehenge, the pyramids, Carnac and other places were built with their technology

That the aliens looked like Greys (how we would expect an alien to look like) and their spacecraft looked like rockets or flying saucers. [Because ancient alien theorists sometimes point to carvings which look like flying saucers, rockets or aliens in spacesuits].

5. This last point is perhaps less relevant to Stonehenge (in Britain) and Carnac (in France). However as ancient alien theory also rests just as heavily upon the pyramids in Egypt and Central America as well as sites in Ethiopia and India, it is still a relevant critique of the theory.

There has been a long history of not giving indigenous peoples credit for creating the monuments found in their countries. With the pyramids for example, it was thought in the 19th century that Middle Eastern peoples especially those from what is now the Iran or Iraq region built the pyramids. Some thought the Europeans had built them. There was also talk of giants. Now, the buzzword is aliens. I was watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel once and Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s top archaeologist, said that it wasn’t giants or aliens who built the pyramids, but the Egyptians. Another local egyptologist, (I wish I could remember her name) commented “there seems to be a lack of appreciation for what the indigenous people did.” After listing all the theories about who had built the pyramids, she then concluded, “It was in some ways a bit racist.” And these comments could be applied to any of the other monuments that the ancient alien theorists point to.

It’s important to remember that the ancient alien theory, as well as many of its current well-known authors and figures, are from the west. The History Channel (the mainstream TV channel which has done the most to spread the ancient alien theory to the general public) is based in America. It would be interesting to imagine how we would react if it had been Mexicans, Indians or Egyptians who had come up with the ancient alien theory and were saying that Stonehenge, Carnac, Mount Rushmore, Buckingham Palace and the Lia Fail were made using alien technology.


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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why The Ancient Alien Theory Is Not A Convincing Theory

  1. Douglas December 16, 2013 at 2:06 am Reply

    No, go to the starchild project.
    This is a real bone skull.
    look at the foxp2 gene proof.
    They are still conducting dna testing and so far we know it’s not human and may very well be not from earth.

  2. halloween3 May 17, 2014 at 7:52 pm Reply

    The ancient aliens history series makes for a great Fiction novel. They seem to make it up as the go along and the sad thing is a lot of people believe it. Some of it is just lies [such as you cant cut a certain rock or stone like they did]. If one does any research they will find out with what they say is just made up because mankind does Not know much compared to the past. And all this we were cave men and then aliens made what we are today… Humankind was Never cave men, proven fact. It is good for entertainment.

  3. whitener June 20, 2014 at 7:30 pm Reply

    Your post is WRONG man. Gods are created in the human minds for the sake of just the religion. How can there be so many gods, and so many beliefs. Ancient alien theory does not provide you with many concepts, but just explores history and questions it. It does not talk about how consciousness works. Does not talk about how things work, but just gives you proofs of the remains of all of it. These things have happened millions of years ago. The bad part is that you cannot carbon date stones and this makes science give presumptuous facts. Ancient alien theory does not explain concepts! but it is true to some extent, maybe upto 80%.

  4. Bill February 4, 2016 at 12:02 am Reply

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot and clearly isn’t watching the show. Comparing what they did back then to us and Google is insane. WE had encyclopedias and archives and such. I couldn’t even read any further. Then saying it’s another “religion” and another way of saying “god” shows you’re not paying attention. Please just stop writing. Thanks.

  5. ocelot March 13, 2017 at 11:40 am Reply


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