Anonymous: can a non hierarchical structure work for hacktivists?

Disclaimer: This article expresses opinions about a hacktivist group that I have no inside knowledge of; these opnions should not be taken as facts about Anonymous. This is only a representation of my thoughts about Anonymous from a non-anarchist non-hacker outsider’s perspective. This post may contain incomplete or unintentionally untrue informaton. The hacktivist group AnonymousContinue reading “Anonymous: can a non hierarchical structure work for hacktivists?”

Employment discrimination: protection for some

Employers aren’t allowed to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or sexuality; we all know that. But what about other things that are connected with those things? If a man has long hair, some employers don’t think it looks professional. So if this man is discriminated against and not hired because of hisContinue reading “Employment discrimination: protection for some”

Little girls are princesses – the feminist way

I’m sure a lot of feminists will say that the Daddy’s Little Princess meme or children’s books (from fairytales to contemporary fiction) about princesses – or teen fiction such as The Princess Diaries – is inherently harmful to feminism. And it’s not surprising they would take that view – what is a princess? She’s theContinue reading “Little girls are princesses – the feminist way”

Slut shaming and victim blaming: Why we shouldn’t do it

This might seem too obvious to a lot of you who’re reading this, but internet comments as well as the ignorance I’ve seen in real life kind of inspired me to write this. Weirdly, women slut shame and victim blame more than men (in my experience); with men, the only ones who victim blame seemContinue reading “Slut shaming and victim blaming: Why we shouldn’t do it”

The Ancient alien theory: New theory or 21st century Creationism?

First, we had Creationism. Good, old fashioned, utterly baseless Creationism. But then people started using their critical thinking skills and those pesky, pesky scientists soon had the masses believing in science and fact instead of the One True Word of God (told to the Middle Eastern Jews and adopted by the whites. Who, during colonialism,Continue reading “The Ancient alien theory: New theory or 21st century Creationism?”

The Magdalene Laundries: is this the West’s answer to honour killings?

Prime Minister Kenny said the Magdalene laundries, where “fallen women” were incarcerated, abused and used as slaves, were operating in a “harsh and uncompromising” Ireland. There was no apology, and no mention of stigma against unmarried mothers, or of whorephobia, or of slut-shaming. It was as if these issues didn’t exist. We’re used to thinkingContinue reading “The Magdalene Laundries: is this the West’s answer to honour killings?”

Most famous Ancient Astronaut theorists have NO qualifications

The most famous ancient alien or ancient astronaut authors do not have degrees in any relevant field of study (or at all). They’ve made lucrative careers out of speculation. And the writer of Chariots of the Gods is a criminal. The craziest thing is, this is all from Wikipedia – that’s right, I didn’t haveContinue reading “Most famous Ancient Astronaut theorists have NO qualifications”

Slut shaming has no place in our time: the ideas and history behind slut shaming

Slut shaming is illogical because it targets only one gender, thereby discriminating against that gender. It also prescribes different rules for each gender (the double standard). This double standard is self defeating, because it says boys should have lots of sex while girls should have less or little (or even none, depending on which areaContinue reading “Slut shaming has no place in our time: the ideas and history behind slut shaming”