The Ancient alien theory: New theory or 21st century Creationism?

First, we had Creationism. Good, old fashioned, utterly baseless Creationism. But then people started using their critical thinking skills and those pesky, pesky scientists soon had the masses believing in science and fact instead of the One True Word of God (told to the Middle Eastern Jews and adopted by the whites. Who, during colonialism, gave it to everyone else). There is a lot of understandable frustration surrounding the fact that Creationism still exists in one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in the world. (You know the one I’m talking about – the one where religion gets into politics and they end up being against birth control). But at least it was good honest Creationism.

But when people stopped believing in Creationism, it could no longer be taught in schools. That’s when Intelligent Design stepped in. School boards across America were convinced that the Intelligent Design Theory differs from Creationism. Some might find this ridiculous, but is it that surprising that people were fooled? The ID theory doesn’t mention a god, much less a Christian one. It only teaches that life could have been deliberately designed (not created) and that animals, humans and plants appear as though they were designed.

So, is the Ancient Alien theory the next logical step to make Creationism cool? Some ancient alien theorists posit that humans were created by aliens or are descended from aliens, or that aliens assisted in or speeded up our evolution. ID took out the Bible and called God “a designer”. Ancient Alien theory looks to the Bible and all other religious scriptures for proof of its theory and calls God “aliens”. All three of these theories refute or ignore the fact that we are related to apes. They don’t acknowledge that we evolved from hominids (or in the case of Ancient Alien theory, it alleges that aliens helped us to evolve). Both Creationism and the ancient aliens theory dismiss cavemen – we knew how to farm instantly according to Creationism, while according to ancient aliens theory the aliens gave us technology and guided us. Like Jesus or King Arthur, the aliens will one day return.

And one notable ancient alien theorist is Joseph Farrell, who has a degree in theology and teaches at an unaccredited Christian institution of higher education.

I’m not suggesting that Creationists and Ancient Alien theorists are the same thing – the Creationists vehemently disapprove of ancient alien theory. But what I am suggesting is that the ancient alien theorists haven’t so much created a new theory as taken Creationism and replcaed “God” with “alien”.


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One thought on “The Ancient alien theory: New theory or 21st century Creationism?

  1. Replacing ‘God’ with ‘alien’ is the entire point of the theory. An atheist such as myself realized long ago that there’s no such thing as magic, or gods, but there’s always remained the question of why our ancestors would cleave to such ridiculous stories. Ancient Astronaut Theory provides a possibility as to what our ancestors were actually talking about: they had absolutely no frame of reference for any advanced technology, so any display of such would be the story of a lifetime for them, and would be seen as ‘magic.’ It would even be worth carving into stone. No one carves fiction into stone– there aren’t any megalithic monuments for Disney characters to survive into eternity, because no one thinks archaeologists five thousand years from now need to know if Cinderella ever found her shoe.
    Anyway, it’s nice to think that our ancestors weren’t childish idiots, and that there’s a possible explanation for all of the world’s religion’s— AAT is like the defense attorney’s closing argument for our ancestors, who are on trial for idiocy. I’d like the jury to find them ‘not guilty.’ In fact, I think our ancestors were possibly even smarter than we are today, since now we’re further removed from natural selection more than ever.


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