Job Centre Mole: The Second Interview

First published on Guerilla Policy on 20/3/14. In November 2013 I interviewed the DWP whistleblower known as the Jobcentre Mole, who used Twitter to expose corruption and advise DWP victims. In the interview the Mole revealed the existence of sanctions bonuses and competition between JobCentres to sanction the most people. Now another whistleblower who tweetsContinue reading “Job Centre Mole: The Second Interview”

Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming

First published on on 8/2/14. “Objectification.” It’s a word we hear all too often. The charge of “objectification” is levelled at films, the news media, lyrics, art, and of course porn. Sometimes we intersectional or sex positive feminists might feel like it’s a catch-all term which silences those who have sex industry careers- especiallyContinue reading “Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming”