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The Secret #Sanctions

I'm a JSA Claimant

This article shared below was originally published in the Big Issue of the North by Gary Ryan. I am only sharing it here because it is not online and I was interviewed for it and thought some of you who follow me on Twitter might find it interesting. I have kept it the same as the original apart from adding hyperlinks. In case you are wondering I was named Tom for this piece.

Campaigners say Jobcentre workers are imposing unfair conditions on jobseekers and even stopping their benefits without telling them, leaving them vulnerable, penniless and desperate. Gary Ryan investigates…

David Clapson died trying to find work. His body was found surrounded by printouts of his CV and application forms. The diabetic ex-soldier’s £71.50 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance had been stopped because he missed an appointment with a Jobcentre Plus adviser. He couldn’t afford food or electricity to power the fridge…

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