Fake Black Friday Deals

Today was my first Black Friday. And it’s only 4:30pm and already I’m disgusted with the whole idea. Being a spoilt lil’ bitch growing up, searching for deals was never something I had to learn. So it was only after watching South Park’s Game of Thrones saga that I first really knew about Black FridayContinue reading “Fake Black Friday Deals”

How Jobcentres bully the disabled and set up fake JSA sanctions

Originally published as ‘Revealed: Inhumane Treatment Of Disabled And Poor By UK’s Department For Work And Pension’ on Mint Press News on 9/10/14. The Department for Work and Pension’s unfair treatment of disabled claimants has been widely reported. There was the ex-RAF serviceman who was found fit to work even though he has to carryContinue reading “How Jobcentres bully the disabled and set up fake JSA sanctions”