How Jobcentres bully the disabled and set up fake JSA sanctions

Originally published as ‘Revealed: Inhumane Treatment Of Disabled And Poor By UK’s Department For Work And Pension’ on Mint Press News on 9/10/14.

Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty / Flickr
Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty / Flickr

The Department for Work and Pension’s unfair treatment of disabled claimants has been widely reported. There was the ex-RAF serviceman who was found fit to work even though he has to carry around a machine attached to his heart, or die in 15 seconds. There was the blind woman who was asked “How many fingers am I holding up?” by an Atos assessor before her Employment and Support Allowance benefits were stopped and she was put on Jobseeker’s Allowance. Most recently, a man with brain damage and uncontrollable epilepsy killed himself after being ordered to take part in mandatory work activities.

But the DWP’s treatment of disabled people on Job Seeker’s Allowance is hardly better than its treatment of those on Incapacity Benefit and Employment and Support Allowance. And even those without disabilities are still victims of DWP harassment.

Julia is a student with autism. The Jobcentre demanded that she attend full-time workfare as well as studying full-time. Julia had already been on workfare before, and become ill as a result because the Jobcentre negligently did not provide any support for her. Shockingly, they demanded that she go on workfare again- without providing any support this time, either.

“To continue benefits I had to be looking for work on a full time basis, Mandatory Work Activity scheme (aka workfare). They wouldn’t allow it to be looking for part time work, which is what I would have accepted. I somehow think they thought I was using full time education as an excuse to avoid looking for work. However I really wanted to do a full time degree course, and their insistence on my doing full time job search [workfare] was something I could not comply with. I was simply worried I could not manage both a full time course and [workfare]. Some people could do that, however my disability requires so much extra time on things.”

The Jobcentre were quick to put her on workfare — it was only the first meeting of her new claim that they brought it up. And at the second meeting, they insisted. When Julia refused her benefits were stopped. The DWP just left her with no financial or other support. With no way to pay the rent, it was left up to a care worker to find her flatmates.

“Sharing the flat is not something I want to do because I have autism and I don’t enjoy others company,” she says.

She now lives on very little as her benefits were stopped.

“I am not surprised people want to kill themselves. People are now being given sanctions for the most minor things. They make you feel worthless, I felt unworthy being a student and thought I should be working like other non-disabled students can manage.”

Cecilia, then a university graduate in rural Scotland, is dyslexic. She struggled to fill out her job search form and was accused of not looking for work — a sanctionable offence. Cecilia told them she was dyslexic. But the Jobcentre didn’t believe her — not even when she showed them a psychologist’s report. They said the psychologist’s report would make no difference to their decision, and demanded that Cecilia have a meeting with a psychologist contracted by the DWP. It took months, but finally the DWP psychologist met with Cecilia and concluded that she was dyslexic. But Cecilia’s problems were far from over. Though they now had to accept she wasn’t faking her dyslexia, Jobcentre staff found new ways to give her a hard time.

“They made me feel I was stupid. They were so rude, they left me in tears for a whole weekend,” she recalls.

It got so bad that her father phoned the Jobcentre on the Monday, but no formal complaint was ever made against any of the staff. Cecilia also had to spend an entire day in the town where the Jobcentre was located every time she had to sign on or see her advisor, as there are only 2 buses per day between the town and the village where she lived with her parents.

Cecilia returned to university to pursue a master’s degree, and when she graduated and started a fresh claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance, the Jobcentre began a new campaign of harassment against her.

“They made me feel bad about myself, like I was stupid, like I was lazy. I dreaded having to go into meetings and after the meetings I would feel really demoralised, worthless, useless.”

Jobcentre staff also blamed her for applying for administrative but not retail jobs. She explained that she wasn’t suited to retail, but they insisted that she wasn’t allowed any freedom to choose her job, and that to continue to receive Jobseeker’s Allowance she had to apply for any job that she could do.

“If you say you’re backed on a job choice by your parents, they don’t believe your parents know what’s best for you, but that they would,” she says. “When I came back after doing my second degree, I said ‘This is what I am going to do. This is what I have trained. This is my choice. And you can tell me it’s not mine to choose but in actual fact it is.’”

“Young people really get it in the neck. They don’t know what to expect.”

This blog appears to show that, after blogger Jules Clarke contacted his MP, Iain Duncan Smith admitted in writing to the MP that the DWP sanctions people with “learning difficulties or mental health problems.” Both disabled and non-disabled benefits claimants are most at risk of having their rights eroded if they’re on Jobseeker’s Allowance, and especially if they’re coming off the Work Programme.

Sources from within the Jobcentre claim that daily sign-ons are already in effect and that job seekers coming off the Work Programme also face mandatory resume and job searching courses at venues outside the Jobcentre known as ‘learning centres.’ Jobseekers will also have to attend extra sessions at separate ‘drop in centres.’ No courses which include actual skills training or qualifications are offered. They will also be required to apply for jobs every day, even if their Job Search Agreement only binds them to apply for two or three jobs per week. The sources also confirm that freedom to choose one’s occupation is not recognised or allowed by DWP policy.

The Work Programme providers may appear independent, and indeed they are private companies contracted by the DWP. But their autonomy is being eroded.

This covert Jobcentre recording which was sent to me a few weeks ago proves that the DWP maintains strict control over Work Programme companies and is now forcing them to see benefits claimants up to twice per week. Oddly enough, it’s those closest to employment who are being targeted, not those most in need of support. The DWP has not been transparent about its puppeteering of private companies.

To complicate things further, the Work Programme company Ingeus also appears to be controlling other work programme providers. Ingeus provides on-premises training and resources to other companies such as Working Links and its subsidiaries. As Ingeus is one of the biggest Work Programme companies – with one of the worst reputations — this is a concerning development. It could have the effect of increasing or creating harassment of jobseekers in the more benign companies which it provides training to.

Blogger Johnny Void, a benefits claimant who writes about the DWP, says

Unemployed claimants now face endless ‘work related activity,’ such as workfare, bogus training run by welfare-to-work companies or being warehoused in Jobcentres for 35 hours a week repeatedly job-searching the same handful of local vacancies on offer. Those who are sick and disabled or have children are not spared, with lone parents now facing Jobcentre harassment from the first birthday of their child whilst disabled people are endlessly assessed and forced onto the Work Programme.

“None of these measures are helping people find jobs, and there is barely any pretence that this is the purpose of these reforms. Instead the aim is to make life on benefits as difficult as possible by filling people’s lives with irksome and pointless tasks. Under Iain Duncan Smith the social security system has become as brutal as it is bizarre. This is the principle of the workhouse re-invented for the modern world and carried out on the cheap.

A jobseeker who goes by the Twitter handle I’m A JSA Claimant had his benefits stopped for not applying for a job- even though there was no bus back. He’s now on the Work Programme and his provider emailed him maths homework about taking buses to work — a very degrading primary school level exercise and a waste of his time — but if he doesn’t do it, he could face sanctions. This incident shows how little privacy those on the Work Programme have: not only are their contact details known by the companies, but they must be contactable at all times and leave their evenings free for homework. Because quantity is valued over quality, the programme isn’t even helping him find a job.

“I have to find between 12-20 jobs per week,” he says. “In reality what happens is I find a bunch of crap jobs to fill the quota and concentrate on the good jobs I do want.”

Not only is DWP policy useless, harmful to those on benefits and a huge waste of taxpayer money, it might actually be increasing crime. This bizarre story was told to me by someone I’m going to call Rob. (You’ll get it if you read on). It was the middle of the night, and over a secure HTTPS connection (and a not-so-secure messaging service) Rob revealed his tale in painstaking little message-boxes.

He had worked for 15 years, paying into the system, only to be “conned out of what I put in.” According to him, he signed the declaration on the Job Search agreement without knowing that his advisor had secretly put in that the agreement was to look for 60 jobs per week. Because he’d signed, he was sanctioned for four weeks for failing to comply with the agreement. It would’ve taken another four weeks to get his money back — an effective eight-week sanction.

But Rob never got that far. He was sanctioned again for having a bad attitude. Rob suffers from angina. When he was sanctioned, his free medication stopped as well — but he still had to pay the bedroom tax. So he found a solution to his problems- in his own words:


Do I believe this story? Well, I once interviewed a Job Centre whistleblower who said that changing claimants’ answers is completely possible. And in 2013 I was threatened with sanctions for being late even though lateness isn’t sanctionable by DWP policy. Later I was told I must apply to jobs every day (ie. at least 7 per week) even though my Job Search Agreement was only to apply for 2 jobs per week, and I was far exceeding that. So it appears that the altering of agreements and policies does happen.

Just as we’ve seen happen with other issues in other countries, no doubt this period of time will go down in the history books as a dark and disgraceful episode of British modern history.

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10 thoughts on “How Jobcentres bully the disabled and set up fake JSA sanctions

  1. IF your sanctioned and health is suffering and your breaking go to Doctor get a sick note sign OFF JSA and sign on same week. At least 13 weeks money before medical, then sign of before as then you can use ‘ heaslth reason again ‘ If you go through the medical then you can if found fir t for work and back on JSA. Its swings and round-a-bout and play at their game. JSA = Sick = JSA = Sick and on and on….
    Ask for ALL document in WRITING even Job Seekers agreement. Ask for all instructions etc in WRITING do not depend on their honesty or their system or you will be mugged.

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  2. I have been on a sanction since 29-01-14 and its still in effect now( i have no idea why, i cant get a straight answer from anyone at JC), I phoned welfare and spoke to CAB i got an appointment on thurs with The Advice shop. I have £0.36 in my bank i should have been paid 14-10-14 ( had to go and reaply for hardship which i did on the day i should have been paid. I called today and got told my hardship will be paid to me after my next sing on day (23-10-14) so i have no money for electricity or gas. I cant feed myself or my animals, welfare was no help as they cant help if im on sanction. My own government kicks me to the ground lets me go cold and hungry and wont give a hand to help me back on my feet and has the audacity to blame me for it, my hair is falling out by the handful due to the stress im losing weight that i cant afford to lose, im really not sure how much longer i can continue crying myself to sleep over this, its really dishearteing that im in this situation( i cant even go back to food bank because i have a gas cooker, so what good would it do me. My situation is pretty dire, i have had sanction on top of sanction since Jan, I’ve not been notified of any of my sanctions ( i find out about it when i have no payment and have to phone them). I have not failed in any of my job search’s (21 jobs per week), i have done everything they tell me to do including going to A4e (action 4 employment). Yet im still getting slowly starved to death. I spoke to CAB about it and they said the same thing as welfare said “they cant do nothing to help if ive been sanctioned” there words not mine, so i got sent to a food bank. My last option is the Advice Shop to try and fight the sanctions or go to doctor and get treated for depression,( i really dont want that, doctors answer will be anti-depressants) As it stands now my christmas list is only one thing…… a straight razor……update…… I had to cancel an appointment with A4e on the 20th oct so i could call my job centre and find out about my benifit not being paid again, I recieved a letter on the 21st oct saying i have once again been sanctioned, when i went in to sign on on 06 nov i reapplyed for hardship as i was due to be paid today (11 nov) my hardship has been granted but now i have 14 days to wait because ive been disallowed…. dont that just SUCK!!! so now i have to wait 14 days before i can get money for anything like gas electricity or even food…i have been on the phone getting refered to foodbank and welfare (Who according to them they cant help me get money because of the disallowed benifit) so what the hell am i going to do now…. i cant keep doing this anymore its starting to fracture me, my health is really starting to suffer, im getting headaches due to the stress, really bad period pain (ive had 3 periods in about 2 months i cant sleep my appetite is non existant. So i have reached the end of my rope. I really need help and there is none avalable to me.

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    1. Wow, really sorry to hear you’re having to go through this. Maybe you can speak to your MP/MSP? Or try selling your story to the press, maybe your local paper or The Mirror or Guardian, as they publish these stories. Hopefully the pressure will force them to stop doing this. You can also speak to a lawyer, as most law firms do free first meetings, and you’ll likely qualify for legal aid as it’s against a govt org. Just having a lawyer go with you to the Jobcentre or ring up the DWP will make them think twice. They like to prey on those who they think can’t fight back, they’ll run if you get someone else involved.

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  3. Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    Some “Advisors” at JobCentre plus really enjoy the power the welfare reforms give them over people, there are some decent ones but they’re soon replaced on the “frontline” moved to other tasks and replaced with those who do, quite frankly, behave appallingly. They are as complicit in peoples suffering as the Govt. In fact some probably more so as they are in direct contact with people, they get to look into peoples eyes.My friend says they are the Govts einsatzgruppen (NaziDeath squads) (sorry if spelling incorrect). And in a way I don’t disagree.

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  4. I was on the Work Programme and I was parked. It was just a case of tell them what jobs I went for. I have a learning disability and was almost sanctioned myself for missing out on a job. I can’t work in fast environments as I have a bad short term memory, workchoice and the jobcentre were wanting me to work in caring!

    I have since come off JSA due to a nervous breakdown and I sobbed in the jobcentre, I was doing lots of those online free courses to update my CV with things like anatomy, clinical trials etc to improve my CV.

    I dread going back on JSA. (I have a BSc and and MSc in science, my batchelors is in chemistry – my degree was shut down before I could do my honours year.) looking to go back next year to get the honours year!

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    1. I can sympathise, I am 61 and would have been receiving my pension by now. I know I am heading for a nervous breakdown myself. I was “parked” while I was on the work programme. Now I have been given the worse Advisor in the jobcentre, all because I began questioning things. I know they are just looking for reasons to sanction people, and it is all so wrong!

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