Free Hong Kong


Free Hong Kong from China’s dictatorship.

Free Hong Kong from police brutality.

Free Hong Kong from restriction of the press by police assault and intimidation.

Free Hong Kong from a leader determined to betray her own people and destroy the peaceful democratic society which she benefitted from.

Free Hong Kong from an extradition bill which legalises kidnap and murder as revenge for selling books the Chinese government would prefer you not to read.

Free Hong Kong from China’s army.

Free Hong Kong from the police state which China and their puppet Carrie Lam have imposed.

Free Hong Kong from the dictatorship it is falling deeper into every day.

Published by Slutocrat

Slutocrat (n). One who supports slutocracy. Slutocracy (n). 1. A government comprised of sluts. 2. A democracy in which family and sexual freedoms are protected by the State. I have a writing addiction and occasionally manage to get paid for it.

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