Why you should be enjoying the Covid-19 pandemic

CONTENT NOTE: If someone close to you is seriously ill with Covid-19 or you have been bereaved by coronavirus, you may wish to stop reading.

Pandemics are a fraction of a second to Nature and mean nothing at all. However, as short-lived humans, we do notice these things. So don’t let this be a time of trauma for our children. Let them experience the novelty, the excitement, the sense of witnessing a historical moment. Perhaps a true historical first.

And we ourselves should be grateful to get to experience this once in a lifetime event that previous and future generations missed. We can pass on these tales to our grandchildren one day. And they will be better prepared for any future pandemic because of our experience.

So fully experience every moment. Only once in your life can you live through social isolation or quarantine. You will likely not live long enough to see London in another lock down. You’ll never again be able to see empty supermarket shelves or live the thrill of panic buying, or view emergency NHS TV announcements.

And it’s not just the thrills of global adventure, either. History in the making aside, the coronavirus actually provides the perfect opportunity for some precious you-time. Take this time to do all the stuff you never usually have time to do. The things you’re always moaning that you’d have down perfectly if only you didn’t have to work.

Family time with the kids, learning a new skill, exercise and eating healthy, doing an online course. And things we may not think of as activities: relaxing, better skincare and haircare if you have hair goals, meditation, reflection, time alone for yourself, and self care. This opportunity to take time for yourself and loved ones should be cherished. Make the most of it because you only get this one shot! Come out of this healthier, more skilled or closer to your goals than you went in.

There is no such thing as good and bad events, according to the Universe. We label things ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on whether we like them or not, or whether they are in accordance with our will. It’s easy to feel gratitude when our life goes the way we want. It’s the mark of an evolved state of mind to feel grateful when it doesn’t. Grateful for the challenges and changes that present the opportunity for growth. When life doesn’t go in accordance with your will, then make it so. Can’t make the social distancing / social isolation / quarantine / lockdown go away? Then make it your will to be in isolation. Enjoy the social isolation and make the most of it! Positive coping proves humanity’s ability, patience and strength.

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