About Slutocracy

A freelance journalist and feminist blogging towards an equal sex-positive society which is great for all genders, sexualities, family forms and choices. This blog deals with public discourse, representations in the media, priveleged family choices and priveleged forms of sexual expression – all of which combine to create an unequal sex-negative society – and one where women are often the losers. Also includes ranting commentary on freedoms, politics (especially UK, Scotland and Hong Kong) and law.

(This is the only blog I’m not paid to write).

Slutocracy (n.) 1. A government comprised of sluts.

2. A democracy where everyone is free to be a slut and family/sexual

freedoms are recognised and protected by the State.

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9 thoughts on “About Slutocracy

    1. Aww thank you 🙂 I think yours is very, very funny. It’s like a blog version of Girls. If Girls was set in Oz. I was so confused about the references to summer until I remembered December is summer for Aussies…I’m actually pretty dumb in real life.


  1. I aggree with that and also a democracy where anyone is free to believe that the definition of marriage is between one man and one women and is primarily designed for procreation.


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