Quarantine Thoughts (2) Love does not exist

Love doesn’t exist. We’ve been sold this ideal of “love” as a force which conquers all obstacles and ends in a happily ever after. But if that were true, there would be no breakups. We wouldn’t be confused about whether we’re in love or not, or believe we’re in love but later realise we neverContinue reading “Quarantine Thoughts (2) Love does not exist”

Quarantine Thoughts (1): Forget feminism, race & LGBTQ rights- why freedom is the only right we should fight for!

The splitting up of campaigns to fight for the interests of different communities was useful. It provided focus, drive and benefited from the determination and understanding of affected people working together. But that time is nearly over. We have emigrated, educated and pioneered our way into a melting pot of intersecting multiple identities and oppressions.Continue reading “Quarantine Thoughts (1): Forget feminism, race & LGBTQ rights- why freedom is the only right we should fight for!”

Why you should be enjoying the Covid-19 pandemic

CONTENT NOTE: If someone close to you is seriously ill with Covid-19 or you have been bereaved by coronavirus, you may wish to stop reading. Pandemics are a fraction of a second to Nature and mean nothing at all. However, as short-lived humans, we do notice these things. So don’t let this be a timeContinue reading “Why you should be enjoying the Covid-19 pandemic”

The election proves Scotland needs Enhanced Devolution

The results of the 2019 General Election were that Scotland overwhelmingly voted SNP.  Yet, we are now once again ruled by a Conservative UK government. When Scotland votes SNP, we get a Tory government. Read that again. How is that fair or make any kind of sense? I’m still on the fence about independence, butContinue reading “The election proves Scotland needs Enhanced Devolution”

Stirling poem

On the day of the election just as I was drifting off to sleep, I started getting lines about Stirling forming in my thoughts, so I wrote them in my phone. Here they are: Historic Stirling, jewel in Scotland’s crown Beloved Stirling, jewel of my heart Nature raised the towers of your hills Us creaturesContinue reading “Stirling poem”

Analysing Beijing’s 8 dirty tactics against the Hong Kong protesters

I’m no stranger to unreasonable authority using lies, tricks and stratagems to oppress the public. But China’s dirty tactics impress me, and admittedly top anything I’ve seen local government do here in Britain. On a personal level I’ve always been capable of admiration for the strategies of a competent adversary. So here is my analysisContinue reading “Analysing Beijing’s 8 dirty tactics against the Hong Kong protesters”

Free Hong Kong

Free Hong Kong from China’s dictatorship. Free Hong Kong from police brutality. Free Hong Kong from restriction of the press by police assault and intimidation. Free Hong Kong from a leader determined to betray her own people and destroy the peaceful democratic society which she benefitted from. Free Hong Kong from an extradition bill whichContinue reading “Free Hong Kong”

Lightbringer was democracy! How every Game of Thrones prophecy came true- with a twist!

  The Long Night isn’t what you think it is. The Night King was a red herring, Lightbringer isn’t a sword, and The Stallion Who Mounts The World wasn’t murdered. Most people’s reaction to the shocking Game of Thrones finale, and S8E3, was that every single prophecy didn’t come true. The Night King was defeatedContinue reading “Lightbringer was democracy! How every Game of Thrones prophecy came true- with a twist!”

This is why Daenerys destroyed King’s Landing

No, D&D didn’t mess up (for about the first time since Season 8 started). The writing was rushed- as per usual for this season- but it wasn’t nonsensical. Some people have commented that the showrunners are making Dany fit the ‘crazy wimmin’ stereotype and completely reverse Cersei and Sansa’s characters to make them less strong.Continue reading “This is why Daenerys destroyed King’s Landing”

What every character should do to win the Game of Thrones

The opening episode of Season 8 of HBO’s Game of Thrones saw multiple reunions and preparations for war. Cersei appears to be the only one interested in the Iron Throne for now; Euron just wants to impregnate her and leave (or so he claims) while everyone else is focussed on fighting the Night King. ButContinue reading “What every character should do to win the Game of Thrones”