Why Revenge Porn Works

Originally published on Cliterati on 4/3/15. It’s now a crime in the UK to post or send “revenge porn”. A sensible law in keeping with the spirit of existing criminal law and data protection laws, and, as many would agree, long overdue. But law isn’t the only thing that needs to change. Because without certainContinue reading “Why Revenge Porn Works”

The REAL Scandal of Germany’s Corporate Sex Parties

First published 29/7/14 on Cliterati as ‘Corporate Sex Parties: The Untold Scandal Behind The Headlines’.   Germany might be more open about nudity (nude parks), gender (third gender on birth certs) and sex work (it’s legalised) than Britain, but a company hiring escorts and throwing its top salesmen a sex party is still a scandalContinue reading “The REAL Scandal of Germany’s Corporate Sex Parties”

Teen Mothers Speak: Stigma, Misogyny-And The Failure Of Feminism

  First published on Cliterati on 7/4/14. Teen parents- especially teenage mothers- are stigmatised. “Pregnant girls are viewed as either poor immoral victims who need fixing, or manipulating devious sluts who need punishing,” says Prym Face, Telegraph blogger, researcher, former young mother and founder of Promoting Respect for Young Mothers. “Support for teen mums isContinue reading “Teen Mothers Speak: Stigma, Misogyny-And The Failure Of Feminism”

Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming

First published on http://www.cliterati.co.uk on 8/2/14. “Objectification.” It’s a word we hear all too often. The charge of “objectification” is levelled at films, the news media, lyrics, art, and of course porn. Sometimes we intersectional or sex positive feminists might feel like it’s a catch-all term which silences those who have sex industry careers- especiallyContinue reading “Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming”

Sex workers are #notyourrescueproject: Rape by anti-trafficking NGOs & stigma by feminists

First published on my Cliterati column on 1/2/14.   “If we want anything from outside like sweets, chewing gum or magazines or phone credit we have to give hand job or blow job to security,” reveals Molli Desi Devadasi. But she’s not talking about a prison. Molli, now a UK-based sex worker, was “rescued” by anContinue reading “Sex workers are #notyourrescueproject: Rape by anti-trafficking NGOs & stigma by feminists”

Why We Should All Shut Up About So-Called “Teen Pregnancy”

First published on the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association blog on 27/12/13 as “Teen Pregnancy: Stop The Stigma”. Teen mothers. They’re sluts. Benefits scroungers. They’re not good mothers. They’re all working class. And they’ll never, ever amount to anything. “Society expects the worst outcomes for pregnant teens & young parents, so it gets the worstContinue reading “Why We Should All Shut Up About So-Called “Teen Pregnancy””

Interview: How Feminism Exploits Sex Workers

This is the full text of the interview with feminist genderqueer sex worker @MxLaudanum, which was quoted in this article on the rescue industry I wrote for Cliterati (published 1/02/14). The interview itself makes a very powerful post in its own right. Written in just a couple of hours, it’s a stunning critique of contemporary feminismContinue reading “Interview: How Feminism Exploits Sex Workers”

Slut Shaming: When Teens Adopt Traditional Values

This article was first published on Cliterati.co.uk on 11/12/13.   Slut shamed to death. Not just Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Potts but other victims all over the world who we’ll never hear about. Most of the women we do hear about are middle class, cis, white and very young. They usually have caring, confidentContinue reading “Slut Shaming: When Teens Adopt Traditional Values”