Stirling poem

On the day of the election just as I was drifting off to sleep, I started getting lines about Stirling forming in my thoughts, so I wrote them in my phone. Here they are: Historic Stirling, jewel in Scotland’s crown Beloved Stirling, jewel of my heart Nature raised the towers of your hills Us creaturesContinue reading “Stirling poem”

Theresa May vs Putin: What’s their next move over the Salisbury poisoning?

    International relations are driven by national leaders. But those leaders act according to public and governmental pressure. Only by understanding Theresa May’s and Vladimir Putin’s goals, motivations and pressures can we predict whether UK-Russia tensions will be enduring. The Salisbury Novichok attack has kicked off what appears to be a never-ending saga ofContinue reading “Theresa May vs Putin: What’s their next move over the Salisbury poisoning?”