JobCentre: Confidential ebook

I asked the Job Centre for work experience so I could observe and record their unfair treatment and disparaging attitudes towards the sick, disabled and unemployed. I’d oroginally planned an article for a news site or a series of blog posts, but I soon realised that the staffs’ attitudes were far worse than I’d thought- and so I had way too much material!


Short version

Spied on Job Centre. Wrote ebook. Download here for less than the price of a coffee (PC, Kindle, phone, tablet). You can get it free if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, and I’ve made it available for lending, so your friends can read it for  free!


Longer version

Benefits sanctions are at an all-time high, up 50% from 2010 levels. Being sanctioned means your benefits can be stopped for up to three years, leaving many people and families without enough food. Sanctions caused by administrative errors, sanctions which have caused deaths and suicides, and ridiculous ‘Fit To Work’ decisions have been well documented in the media.

But what goes on behind the scenes? How do DWP staff feel about people on benefits and how do they treat them? I asked for work experience at a JobCentre to find out. This is what I saw- and it’s worse than I thought.

For a sneak peek check out this article on Guerilla Policy:

And this one on The Fifth Column:

The book also contains 4 bonus articles- 2 interviews with Job Centre advisors (originally published on Guerilla Policy and this blog) and 2 investigative articles about Job Centre harassment and Work Programme companies first published on Mint Press News.


It’s an interesting read especially if you’re into social policy, welfare or public policy in general or aware of the issues with UK austerity. It’s also an ideal read if you want a better understanding of how our benefits system and welfare state really work. Or if you’re frustrated with the way our government and the Department for Work and Pensions are pushing people into poverty.


Excerpt from Rick B’s 5 star Amazon review:

“Most of the UK population appear unaware that the Department of Work and Pensions and the Job Centre Plus network are now operating a shadow parallel penal system, with none of the oversight or human rights protections we expect and take for granted in the criminal justice system…Tara Lighten Msiska takes it upon herself to infiltrate and report back on the abuses currently being perpetrated by Iain Duncan Smith’s Conservative Ministry, most often against disabled people and the poorest citizens.

Without the backing or funding of a major news organisation she has risked herself to expose the prejudice, dishonesty and illegal practices now being deployed as standard procedures in Job Centres across the UK. She witnesses first hand how DWP workers despise the people they are meant to help, trick them into harsh punishments and that secret files detailing numerous abuses are shredded on site to avoid possible exposure and legal repercussions for managers.”


Click here to start reading JobCentre:Confidential on your Kindle, phone or laptop.

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