Slut Shaming: When Teens Adopt Traditional Values

This article was first published onĀ on 11/12/13.   Slut shamed to death. Not just Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Potts but other victims all over the world who we’ll never hear about. Most of the women we do hear about are middle class, cis, white and very young. They usually have caring, confidentContinue reading “Slut Shaming: When Teens Adopt Traditional Values”

Paedomania vs Slut-shaming: There can be only one!

Paedomania is the moral panic over paedophiles. Moral panics were first indentified by Cohen (1971). They are a disproportionate societal reaction to a threat, usually to do with sex. Previous moral panics have included the 17th century witch-hunts, American reactions to 9/11 and the satanic ritual sexual abuse panic of the late ’80s and earlyContinue reading “Paedomania vs Slut-shaming: There can be only one!”