Why Revenge Porn Works

Originally published on Cliterati on 4/3/15. It’s now a crime in the UK to post or send “revenge porn”. A sensible law in keeping with the spirit of existing criminal law and data protection laws, and, as many would agree, long overdue. But law isn’t the only thing that needs to change. Because without certainContinue reading “Why Revenge Porn Works”

The slut shaming site: outing and extortion – and it’s all LEGAL

http://www.potentialprostitutes.com is a website where anyone can submit a name, phone number and other details to forever create a record f that person being a prostitute. The site calls sexworkers “offenders” and encourages the general public to “report an offender” so sexworkers will be taught “a lesson”. There is no mention of clients’ roles orContinue reading “The slut shaming site: outing and extortion – and it’s all LEGAL”