Stigma against single mums: How it all began

How did lone motherhood and young motherhood come to be demonised? Well, I got curious about two years ago and headed to my university library to find out. After months of research, I knew more than I wanted to know. I decided to summarise everything into a blog post, and here is my expose onContinue reading “Stigma against single mums: How it all began”

Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?

Andrea‚Äôs husband had been having affairs for years but promised to reform once they had a baby (Rowlingson and Mackay 1998:79) . After seven years of trying Andrea finally got pregnant but her husband continued with his many affairs so she told him to leave six weeks before the baby was due, thus becoming aContinue reading “Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?”

Stigmatisation of lone mothers and what the EU can do about it – an essay

Introduction In order to address this question, I will provide a brief overview of the issue of stigmatisation of lone mothers then discuss how EU law and EU policy provide bases for EU action on the issue, before exploring what the EU has done regarding lone mothers. Then I will address action which the EUContinue reading “Stigmatisation of lone mothers and what the EU can do about it – an essay”