Quarantine Thoughts (1): Forget feminism, race & LGBTQ rights- why freedom is the only right we should fight for!

The splitting up of campaigns to fight for the interests of different communities was useful. It provided focus, drive and benefited from the determination and understanding of affected people working together. But that time is nearly over. We have emigrated, educated and pioneered our way into a melting pot of intersecting multiple identities and oppressions.Continue reading “Quarantine Thoughts (1): Forget feminism, race & LGBTQ rights- why freedom is the only right we should fight for!”

Why Women Shouldn’t Take Precautions Against Rape

  First published on The Fifth Column on 24/11/15. If you’re a female in the UK- and if you identified as or were labelled as female when you were growing up- you’ll have been told something like this: “Don’t go out at night, it’s dangerous.” “Don’t go for a walk alone, you never know whoContinue reading “Why Women Shouldn’t Take Precautions Against Rape”

Belle Knox, Libertarianism and the politics of freedom

First published 20/8/14 on Cliterati.     What pops into your mind when you think of Libertarianism? (Or Classical Liberalism, if you’re from the UK). It’s about liberty- as its name suggests. Freedom from government and moral regulation, hence its socially liberal and fiscally conservative tendencies. It’s been used to justify everything from consensual incestContinue reading “Belle Knox, Libertarianism and the politics of freedom”

The Prochoice Litmus Test

    First published on Cliterati on 30/4/14 as ‘Josie Cunningham: The litmus test of what it means to be prochoice’   Unless you don’t pay any attention to internet culture, you’ll have heard of Josie Cunningham. The model, escort and mum of two sparked a Fifties-style outbreak of outraged pearl-clutchery when she told theContinue reading “The Prochoice Litmus Test”

Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming

First published on http://www.cliterati.co.uk on 8/2/14. “Objectification.” It’s a word we hear all too often. The charge of “objectification” is levelled at films, the news media, lyrics, art, and of course porn. Sometimes we intersectional or sex positive feminists might feel like it’s a catch-all term which silences those who have sex industry careers- especiallyContinue reading “Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming”

Why We Should All Shut Up About So-Called “Teen Pregnancy”

First published on the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association blog on 27/12/13 as “Teen Pregnancy: Stop The Stigma”. Teen mothers. They’re sluts. Benefits scroungers. They’re not good mothers. They’re all working class. And they’ll never, ever amount to anything. “Society expects the worst outcomes for pregnant teens & young parents, so it gets the worstContinue reading “Why We Should All Shut Up About So-Called “Teen Pregnancy””

Slut Shaming: When Teens Adopt Traditional Values

This article was first published on Cliterati.co.uk on 11/12/13.   Slut shamed to death. Not just Amanda Todd, Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Potts but other victims all over the world who we’ll never hear about. Most of the women we do hear about are middle class, cis, white and very young. They usually have caring, confidentContinue reading “Slut Shaming: When Teens Adopt Traditional Values”

Reply to Glosswitch’s porn debate blog

Sekhmet has blessed me with a chance to defend my honour. That was one of the first things I tweeted at 1am today just after I read this blog, which accuses me of several things without evidence, attacks queer women and claims that any woman who is against No More Page 3, porn filters orContinue reading “Reply to Glosswitch’s porn debate blog”

How Glee Teaches Girls To Slut Shame

Glee. Marketed as a progressive LGBT positive show, it just…well, isn’t, as the LGBTQI community worked out about three years ago. As @princessjack has documented in this blog, Glee has a fine tradition of slut shaming: Teacher Sue Sylvester posed nude for a magazine way back when but it is used to threaten her reputationContinue reading “How Glee Teaches Girls To Slut Shame”

Don’t ban rape porn- ban rape apologism!

Our government wants porn filters. Some feminists want to ban porn, especially “rape porn”. But what’s the point of getting rid of pornography if we don’t get rid of the real issue: rape culture? Rape apologism and victim blaming is rife in the media. Mainstream horror novels like Stephen King’s Carrie suggest that rape victimsContinue reading “Don’t ban rape porn- ban rape apologism!”