Mainstream feminist campaigns don’t help the most marginalised women

The feminist campaigns that get media attention are the ones which need that attention least. Yes, banknotes and creating a database of women experts are good ideas. But these projects’ impacts on women’s lives are minimal. The most vulnerable or stigmatised women (migrants, abuse victims, women of colour, queer women, disabled women and sex workers)Continue reading “Mainstream feminist campaigns don’t help the most marginalised women”

Patriarchy- is the concept still relevant to feminism?

First published on The Quail Pipe on 25th June 2013.   The Patriarchy – a fundamental tenet of feminism, right? If you’re for gender equality then you’ve got to be against The Patriarchy because it’s the elite men who run society that are stopping women from achieving equality. I’m not for a moment suggesting thatContinue reading “Patriarchy- is the concept still relevant to feminism?”

Why we stigmatise teen pregnancy: teen sex and intersectionality

Why is there a stigma, perpetuated by the media, about teenage pregnancy? And why does the expression “teen pregnancy” and other terms like “teenage mother” or “young mum” exist at all? It’s because of age discrimination – the only thing pathological about these families is the age of the female parent. Intersectionality – being female,Continue reading “Why we stigmatise teen pregnancy: teen sex and intersectionality”

Slut shaming, non inclusive feminism isn’t feminism

When I first became interested in the stigma towards lone mothers that pervades Britain and the USA (though not the rest of Europe), I was keen to distance lone mothers from so-called ‘sluts’. But saying ‘not all single mums are sluts’ or ‘they might be lone mothers but at least they’re not prostitutes’ is notContinue reading “Slut shaming, non inclusive feminism isn’t feminism”

Stigmatisation of lone mothers and what the EU can do about it – an essay

Introduction In order to address this question, I will provide a brief overview of the issue of stigmatisation of lone mothers then discuss how EU law and EU policy provide bases for EU action on the issue, before exploring what the EU has done regarding lone mothers. Then I will address action which the EUContinue reading “Stigmatisation of lone mothers and what the EU can do about it – an essay”