Non nuclear families: support, don’t shame

The universe is infinitely mysterious – even an equation like E=MC squared is beyond the understanding of most of us. 99% of the ocean depths remain unexplored. And the issues and injustice faced by people and animals around the world are too numerous to begin to count. Yet for some people the issue of who,Continue reading “Non nuclear families: support, don’t shame”

Slut shaming, non inclusive feminism isn’t feminism

When I first became interested in the stigma towards lone mothers that pervades Britain and the USA (though not the rest of Europe), I was keen to distance lone mothers from so-called ‘sluts’. But saying ‘not all single mums are sluts’ or ‘they might be lone mothers but at least they’re not prostitutes’ is notContinue reading “Slut shaming, non inclusive feminism isn’t feminism”

The Virgin Mary: A Christian case for respecting teenage mothers

At Christmas, Catholics especially pay homage to an unmarried pregnant teenager. We applaud as our children act out the Nativity and even display little clay Nativity scenes. Historians believe that Mary was as young as 13 or 14 years old when she became pregnant while engaged to Joseph. The foetus concieved was not even Joseph’sContinue reading “The Virgin Mary: A Christian case for respecting teenage mothers”

Stigma against single mums: How it all began

How did lone motherhood and young motherhood come to be demonised? Well, I got curious about two years ago and headed to my university library to find out. After months of research, I knew more than I wanted to know. I decided to summarise everything into a blog post, and here is my expose onContinue reading “Stigma against single mums: How it all began”

Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?

Andrea’s husband had been having affairs for years but promised to reform once they had a baby (Rowlingson and Mackay 1998:79) . After seven years of trying Andrea finally got pregnant but her husband continued with his many affairs so she told him to leave six weeks before the baby was due, thus becoming aContinue reading “Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?”