Natalie Rowe’s arrest: George Osborne, whorephobia and journalist privelege

  “Natalie Rowe”, the escort agency madam and former dominatrix who was exposed along with George Osborne in a 1994 photo, was just arrested. She was arrested for “abusive behaviour” after tweeting a photo of George Osborne in her flat. The photo doesn’t appear to have been taken covertly, and “Rowe” purposely obscured the faceContinue reading “Natalie Rowe’s arrest: George Osborne, whorephobia and journalist privelege”

Undercover Police Spies Committed Rape

In Scots law, pretending to be someone else or lying about your identity to get sex is rape. Which means that undercover police having relationships and families with the activists they were spying on was rape. (It may also constitute lying about the purpose of the sex act, which is also rape under Scots law,Continue reading “Undercover Police Spies Committed Rape”