The Prostitution Debate: Extended Edition

On 3 June 2013, a debate on sex work was arranged by Solas, Centre for Public Christianity. The debaters were Laura Lee (Sex worker rights campaigner, blogger and sex worker), Douglas Fox (of the International Union of Sex Workers, editor of the blog Harlots Parlour and sex worker), Rhoda Grant MSP (who has put forwardContinue reading “The Prostitution Debate: Extended Edition”

Criminalising sex purchase in Scotland: public debate report & interviews

This short version of the article was first published on For the longer version see The Prostitution Debate: Extended Edition. Douglas Fox, a sex worker activist, asked Rhoda Grant MSP “Imagine if your Bill [to criminalise sex purchase] is now law. Police break down the door and I’m caught in a hotel room withContinue reading “Criminalising sex purchase in Scotland: public debate report & interviews”

Criminalizing prostitution: the family and violence against women

Rhoda Grant MSP’s consultation to bring the Swedish model to Scotland is going to harm families. The Swedish or ‘end demand’ model criminalizes sex purchase without criminalizing selling sex, so it at least is not as bad as criminalizing both parties like in America. But it’s still bad. Now, the fact that the model isContinue reading “Criminalizing prostitution: the family and violence against women”