When feminism and sex activism collide: Should you drop the “feminist” label?

Sex positive feminists -ironically enough- often find that their worst critics and internet arguments are other feminists (radical feminists or ‘radfems’). Feminists who are glamour models or who work in the sex industry or adult entertainment industry expect to be looked down on by conservatives, yet find that they’re mostly despised by radfems as “traitors”Continue reading “When feminism and sex activism collide: Should you drop the “feminist” label?”

Slut shaming, non inclusive feminism isn’t feminism

When I first became interested in the stigma towards lone mothers that pervades Britain and the USA (though not the rest of Europe), I was keen to distance lone mothers from so-called ‘sluts’. But saying ‘not all single mums are sluts’ or ‘they might be lone mothers but at least they’re not prostitutes’ is notContinue reading “Slut shaming, non inclusive feminism isn’t feminism”

Radical feminism and pornography

Why is it that radical feminists assume all pornography is made by men, for men ? Because that is the assumption on which their assertion that porn is degrading, sexist, and damaging to women rests. Even sex-positive/liberal feminists often find themselves arguing that this isn’t necessarily the case, or that porn can be co-opted forContinue reading “Radical feminism and pornography”