Belle Knox, Libertarianism and the politics of freedom

First published 20/8/14 on Cliterati.     What pops into your mind when you think of Libertarianism? (Or Classical Liberalism, if you’re from the UK). It’s about liberty- as its name suggests. Freedom from government and moral regulation, hence its socially liberal and fiscally conservative tendencies. It’s been used to justify everything from consensual incestContinue reading “Belle Knox, Libertarianism and the politics of freedom”

The Prostitution Debate: Extended Edition

On 3 June 2013, a debate on sex work was arranged by Solas, Centre for Public Christianity. The debaters were Laura Lee (Sex worker rights campaigner, blogger and sex worker), Douglas Fox (of the International Union of Sex Workers, editor of the blog Harlots Parlour and sex worker), Rhoda Grant MSP (who has put forwardContinue reading “The Prostitution Debate: Extended Edition”

Padraig MacLochlainn’s bias and the Irish sex work hearing

Yesterday I recorded a video of myself talking about Padraig MacLochlainn’s recent public rudeness towards sex workers – the very people he’s claiming to protect. The Irish Justice Committee are currently holding a sex work hearing where they recieve submmissions from people to decide whether to subject the Irish to the dangerous Swedish Model (criminalisingContinue reading “Padraig MacLochlainn’s bias and the Irish sex work hearing”