Female Pick Up Artists: Challenging the Patriarchy’s Science

First published as “Female Pick Up Artists” on Fearless Press on 16 October 2013.   Pick up artists. Men who “run game” on women. We’ve all heard of them- but why do we never hear about female pick up artists running game on men? I referred to girls trying to get boys into bed as “playingContinue reading “Female Pick Up Artists: Challenging the Patriarchy’s Science”

The sexual double standard and gender repression

A double standard about sex exists in our society; the rules are different for men and women, with men being praised and envied for their successes. The same is of course true to a certain degree for women, but too much sexual success can result in condemnation of the woman as a ‘slut’ ‘whore’ etc;Continue reading “The sexual double standard and gender repression”