Interview: How Feminism Exploits Sex Workers

This is the full text of the interview with feminist genderqueer sex worker @MxLaudanum, which was quoted in this article on the rescue industry I wrote for Cliterati (published 1/02/14). The interview itself makes a very powerful post in its own right. Written in just a couple of hours, it’s a stunning critique of contemporary feminismContinue reading “Interview: How Feminism Exploits Sex Workers”

Candies Foundation and #noteenpreg – sexism, moralising & shaming young mothers

The Candies Foundation uses hashtag #noteenpreg to discourage teen pregnancy for “teen pregnancy prevention month”. (Yes, you did read that right: they want to control teens’ reproductive choices and eradicate an entire family form.) I’ve previously blogged about how the concept of ‘teenage pregnancy’ is a social construction dependent upon acceptance of older pregnancy asContinue reading “Candies Foundation and #noteenpreg – sexism, moralising & shaming young mothers”

No Perfect Families: Margaret Thatcher’s family contradicts her morals and family values

Broken families, they’re called. Like they’re somehow deficient – a shattered part of a socially-approved whole. Single mums, because we think women shouldn’t have the right to have families without a man. It wasn’t too long ago that unmarried mother was in vogue and in America unwed teenage mother is still an acceptable term. WeContinue reading “No Perfect Families: Margaret Thatcher’s family contradicts her morals and family values”

Non nuclear families: support, don’t shame

The universe is infinitely mysterious – even an equation like E=MC squared is beyond the understanding of most of us. 99% of the ocean depths remain unexplored. And the issues and injustice faced by people and animals around the world are too numerous to begin to count. Yet for some people the issue of who,Continue reading “Non nuclear families: support, don’t shame”

Stigmatising the unemployed

As I’ve written in earlier posts, the Tories stigmatised lone mothers in the 1990s, blaming them for the economy and portraying them as irresponsible, undeserving benefit cheats. Right now, they’re doing the exact same thing to people who are claiming state benefits – despite the fact that 93% of Housing Benefit claimants are in workingContinue reading “Stigmatising the unemployed”

Freedom – but only if it’s hushed up: Swingers’ orgy cancelled by Edinburgh hotel

According to the Daily Record, the Carlton Hotel on Northbridge, central Edinburgh, cancelled a swingers’ orgy when management realised it wasn’t just a masked ball. Now, I am doubtful if indeed it was an orgy and not any other type of social event, but whether or not it was true or not is irrelevant. The fact is,Continue reading “Freedom – but only if it’s hushed up: Swingers’ orgy cancelled by Edinburgh hotel”

Stigmatisation of lone mothers and what the EU can do about it – an essay

Introduction In order to address this question, I will provide a brief overview of the issue of stigmatisation of lone mothers then discuss how EU law and EU policy provide bases for EU action on the issue, before exploring what the EU has done regarding lone mothers. Then I will address action which the EUContinue reading “Stigmatisation of lone mothers and what the EU can do about it – an essay”