The Candies Foundation prophet: preaching abstinence, selling sex

Candies Foundation founder Neil Cole sets himself up as the saviour of teenage girls, shaming teen mothers and promoting abstinence. But does this modern-day American prophet practice what he preaches? Neil Cole’s Candies Foundation is named after his clothing line – a line aimed at very young teenage girls. Its website even lets visitors useContinue reading “The Candies Foundation prophet: preaching abstinence, selling sex”

Candies Foundation and #noteenpreg – sexism, moralising & shaming young mothers

The Candies Foundation uses hashtag #noteenpreg to discourage teen pregnancy for “teen pregnancy prevention month”. (Yes, you did read that right: they want to control teens’ reproductive choices and eradicate an entire family form.) I’ve previously blogged about how the concept of ‘teenage pregnancy’ is a social construction dependent upon acceptance of older pregnancy asContinue reading “Candies Foundation and #noteenpreg – sexism, moralising & shaming young mothers”

Non nuclear families: support, don’t shame

The universe is infinitely mysterious – even an equation like E=MC squared is beyond the understanding of most of us. 99% of the ocean depths remain unexplored. And the issues and injustice faced by people and animals around the world are too numerous to begin to count. Yet for some people the issue of who,Continue reading “Non nuclear families: support, don’t shame”

Easter and April Fools: religion and discrimination

I think it’s great that Easter Monday has fallen on April Fools’ Day. My usual (internal) reaction to hearing about religions I don’t know much about (i.e. most of them) is “So, which groups of people do you have to hate?”. Because while whatever Holy Communion is remains a mystery to me, the hate andContinue reading “Easter and April Fools: religion and discrimination”

Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?

Andrea’s husband had been having affairs for years but promised to reform once they had a baby (Rowlingson and Mackay 1998:79) . After seven years of trying Andrea finally got pregnant but her husband continued with his many affairs so she told him to leave six weeks before the baby was due, thus becoming aContinue reading “Categories of lone mothers – fact or fiction?”