Analysing Beijing’s 8 dirty tactics against the Hong Kong protesters

I’m no stranger to unreasonable authority using lies, tricks and stratagems to oppress the public. But China’s dirty tactics impress me, and admittedly top anything I’ve seen local government do here in Britain. On a personal level I’ve always been capable of admiration for the strategies of a competent adversary. So here is my analysisContinue reading “Analysing Beijing’s 8 dirty tactics against the Hong Kong protesters”

Free Hong Kong

Free Hong Kong from China’s dictatorship. Free Hong Kong from police brutality. Free Hong Kong from restriction of the press by police assault and intimidation. Free Hong Kong from a leader determined to betray her own people and destroy the peaceful democratic society which she benefitted from. Free Hong Kong from an extradition bill whichContinue reading “Free Hong Kong”

Torture Report: It’s Not Just The CIA, But A Global & Structural Problem

In the light of the Senate Committee’s Torture Report, we’re all keen to criticise the CIA. But 54 countries were involved in rendition and torture, and they all need to come clean about their involvement. The problem was global. The US may have exported torture just like the British Empire once exported its questionable values,Continue reading “Torture Report: It’s Not Just The CIA, But A Global & Structural Problem”